Common Questions

How to recognize a Keloid Scar?

It looks like a skin overgrowth that is usually firm and varies in color. The color may be the color of the skin, or it may be pink, red, or very dark. Sun exposure will usually darken the keloids.

In which anatomical locations are Keloid Scars more common?

They are more commonly seen on the earlobes, breastbone, upper chest and back, shoulder and face, but they can occur anywhere in the body.

Is it cancer, or is it malignant?

No, it is a benign condition.

Is there pain associated with Superficial Radiation Therapy (S.R.T.)?

No. The treatment with Superficial Radiation Therapy is painless and takes about 30-45 seconds. Setting up for the first treatment usually takes 30-45 minutes because a custom lead shield will be made for your treatment.

What are the causes of keloids?

Keloid Scars may occur after a scratch, sharp trauma (a cut), acne, blisters, tattoos, ear or body piercing, vaccinations, burns, infection at a wound site, chickenpox or after any surgery, including cosmetic surgery.

What are the usual symptoms?

Keloid Scars may cause local discomfort or pain and itching. When they become larger, they can rub against the clothes and get irritated, which may cause further discomfort and growth. Keloid Scars that form near joints may impair the movement of the particular joint involved.

What is a Keloid (Keloid Scar)?

A Keloid is an abnormal way of healing in which collagen, the main component of scars, is produced much more than in a normal scar. It is secondary to an overly aggressive response to wound healing. Therefore, it tends to be an overgrowth that is wider than the original wound boundaries and prominent towards the outside.

Who is more prone to develop a Keloid Scar?

Keloid Scars are more common in people from African American, Asian, and Hispanic descent.


I had been battling keloids for about 15 years and had 4 previous surgeries. I had a very painful and discomforting keloid in my chest and another keloid in my umbilical area. As a result of one of the surgeries, to my disappointment, I lost my umbilicus. I cannot put into words how frustrated I was every time the keloids ... [Read more]

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