Keloid removal & re-growth prevention

Complex or recurring keloid scars can have debilitating effects on a person’s self-esteem and quality of life. At The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center, we offer combined keloid surgical removal and post-operative superficial radiation therapy for excellent results as a treatment of keloids. This two-step process removes the initial keloid scar and prevents further growth by using low doses of radiation to destroy keloid-forming cells.

The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center in Miami Beach, FL, serves patients from all over the United States and worldwide. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons are keloid scar removal experts who are internationally recognized and respected.


What is Combined Keloid Surgical Removal and S.R.T?

Surgery is an effective treatment option for patients with large and recurrent keloids. This method alone has a recurrence rate of 45% to 100%. A keloid is a hypertrophic, raised scar that develops after a skin injury caused by burns, body piercings, and insect bites and can continue to grow. Some individuals are more prone to developing keloid scars than others.

It involves making a surgical excision of keloid scars and then stitching up the wound. This procedure removes the damaged skin and underlying tissues. Healthy tissue is usually left behind during surgery. Afterward, the surgeon applies sutures to close the incision.

Types of skin injuries that may lead to keloid formation include burns, ear piercings, and insect bites. and they can be tretaed with Combined Keloid Surgery and SRT.
Keloid scar treatment is a two-step process of surgical removal and post-operative SRT

In the combined treatment modality protocol, surgery is performed first to remove sizable hypertrophic scars, followed by Superficial Radiotherapy (S.R.T) to prevent a recurrence of keloids. This is achieved by destroying keloid-forming cells in the targeted area with both effective treatments.


Candidate for Keloid Scar Combined Treatment

Patients with darker skin who have a history of keloids and a genetic component are ideal candidates for combined keloid surgery and S.R.T. In addition to patients with darker skin and a history of forming keloids, certain other factors can increase the risk of keloid formation, such as trauma induced by piercing or injection, genetics, hormone levels, and underlying medical conditions such as diabetes or lupus.

Surgery Plus Superficial Radiotherapy (S.R.T) for Keloids

Among treatment recommendations, Superficial Radiotherapy (S.R.T.) manufactured by Sensus Healthcare is a good alternative for patients because it uses low doses of radiation to kill keloid-forming cells with x-ray energy as a non-surgical alternative. S.R.T. radiation only goes skin deep and does not reach the deeper tissues or organs. This makes it very safe, provides excellent cosmetic outcomes, and is used for skin cancer treatment.

Invasive treatments for skin cancer often require painful incisions that damage healthy tissues and leave behind unsightly scarring. Superficial X-Ray Therapy is a viable option as a treatment for basal cell and squamous cell skin cancer.

SRT as Cancer Treatment

S.R.T. is a non-surgical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancer such as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, anywhere on the body. It is a good alternative to surgery that includes short treatment sessions without pain for all skin types and whose purpose is to leave the skin smooth.

Superficial X-Ray Therapy is not only good for the treatment of basal cells, but it is also highly recommended after keloid surgery removal. Without it, a large portion of patients experiences keloid regrowth. It decreases the keloid recurrence rate due to its success rate exceeding 90%.

Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons Dr. Roberto Mendez and Dr. Gabriel Salloum perform keloid surgical removal with S.R.T-100 at The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center. SRT-100 is an FDA-approved machine that can precisely target and destroy keloid formation cells using low doses of radiation without harming the surrounding healthy tissues.

Many people experience keloid scarring, which can be effectively treated with Combined Keloid Surgery and SRT treatment.
Keloid Removal and SRT is a safe way to remove keloids


Benefits of Combined Keloid Removal and S.R.T

Our surgeons are experienced in treating both simple keloids and complex or severe keloids with nonsurgical options. They can help you with severe keloids such as those that can develop after the removal of an appendix or gallbladder, breast surgery, the removal of part of the bowel, a tummy tuck, C-section, cardiothoracic surgery, or orthopedic surgery.

The combined treatment of keloids that our surgeons offer effectively destroys these non-malignant tumors caused by skin trauma.

Benefits of combined keloid removal and S.R.T include:

  • Enhanced quality of life with healthy skin
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Significant cosmetic improvements
  • Removal of a growing and problematic keloid scar
  • Safe treatment that does not damage the surrounding skin
  • Reduced chances of regrowth after keloid scar removal, from 50-90% down to 5-10%
  • Reconstructive plastic surgery is no longer necessary for patients
  • Over 90% cure rate


Keloid Removal Consultation

Patients interested in keloid removal with S.R.T. are invited to attend a free consultation. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine the patient’s keloid and review their medical history to determine if they are a candidate for keloid surgery with S.R.T.

Simple keloids may respond to superficial radiation therapy for keloids without surgery. Each patient receives a personalized keloid treatment plan. Patients who have experienced an unsuccessful keloid removal in the past are in good hands with the keloid specialists and experienced users of S.R.T. at The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center in Miami Beach, FL.


Preparing for Your Combined Keloid Removal Treatment

Dr. Salloum and Dr. Mendez will provide each patient with keloid removal and S.R.T preparation instructions during the consultation. These may include the following: 

  • Avoid sun exposure to prevent sunburn before the surgery and S.R.T treatment.
  • Stop supplements that increase the risk of bleeding and bruising, including vitamin E, vitamin A, ginkgo, and cod liver oil, seven days before the surgery and S.R.T.
  • Discuss current medications during the consultation. In some cases, the surgeon may recommend pausing or adjusting a particular medicine.
  • Stop smoking two weeks before the surgical removal and S.R.T.
  • Avoid Advil, Aspirin, and anti-inflammatory medications seven days before the surgery and S.R.T.
  • Follow all instructions from the surgeons to ensure the best possible results.


Contact Us Today

Contact to schedule a consultation for your combined keloid surgical removal and post-operative superficial radiation therapy (S.R.T.). Dr. Mendez and Dr. Salloum can help you restore your confidence through the safe and effective removal of your keloid scar. 


Combined Keloid Removal and Post-Operative S.R.T Procedure

The surgeon will discuss the surgical details and treatment guidelines during the consultation, including the type of anesthesia that is recommended. The personalized keloid removal surgery will address the patient’s goals, restore function, and correct any disfigurement caused by a keloid or prior removal procedure.

Some scar traces may remain, but the surgeon will significantly improve the appearance of the scar so it is less noticeable. They will also use specialized techniques that closely conform to the skin’s natural creases so that any residual scarring is less pronounced.

The advanced superficial radiation therapy procedure is performed post-surgery using Census Healthcare Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT-100 machine) to prevent the regrowth of the keloid cells. The areas are topically numbed before the procedure and the radiation treatment takes 35 to 45 seconds.

Dr. Roberto J. Mendez and Dr. Gabriel Salloum are board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons with over 37 years in practice combined. They have treated thousands of patients, including those with severe and complex keloids.


Combined Keloid Removal and Post-Operative S.R.T Recovery

Patients typically experience only minor discomfort after the surgery that is easily controlled with over-the-counter medications such as topical treatment. However, the surgeon will prescribe pain medication if needed as a treatment for keloid excision. Patients are encouraged to contact the doctors or the helpful staff at The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center in Miami if they have any questions or concerns during their recovery.

Plastic surgeons Salloum and Mendez provide patients with thorough aftercare instructions based on the location and size of their keloid, including recovery time, returning to their usual activities, and care of the area.

The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center in Miami Beach, FL offers Combined Keloid Surgery and SRT for keloid scars. After the treatment, our experts will provide you with instructions for the care of the surgical scar. 
Applying topical medication speed up the wound recovery


Combined Keloid Removal and SRT Treatment Risks

Sensus Healthcare’s Superficial radiotherapy (SRT) is among the safest and most effective treatments for keloids and other complicated scar tissues following surgery. Our doctors are expert plastic surgeons skilled in utilizing the SRT-100 system for the precise targeting of keloid scarring. They can achieve successful results for their patients.

There is a small chance of keloids returning after treatment, but this risk is reduced when S.R.T. treatment is involved.

SRT uses low and effective doses of radiation that target specific parts of the body so there are almost no risk factors. If your scars or keloids are causing confidence issues, then SRT may be just what you need.

After the treatment of keloid scar tissue, there are some side effects that can will disappear after a couple of hours of days. Combined Keloid Surgery and SRT is one of the most effective treatments.
One of the most common side effects after a keloid removal procedure is redness


Combined Keloid Removal and SRT Treatment Side Effects

After Keloid scar removal is possible to have swelling, bruising, pain, itching, redness, scabbing, and scarring because of the keloid excision suture line and other factors. These keloid treatment side effects usually go away within two weeks after the surgery. However, some patients may experience these symptoms longer than this.

SRT-100 is performed right here at our clinic to treat various types of skin cancers and eliminate keloids’ chance for recurrence without the negative side effects associated with invasive procedures that may make serious health risks.

If you’ve been diagnosed with keloids and you want normal skin, talk to your doctor about whether combined Keloid Removal and S.R.T. Treatment would be right for you.


FAQs About Keloid Removal and S.R.T

How much does keloid removal with S.R.T. cost?

The cost of keloid surgical removal with S.R.T. depends on the size and location of the keloid. During your consultation, the office staff can go over the expected out-of-pocket costs and discuss payment options.

Is keloid removal with S.R.T safe?

Yes, keloid removal with superficial radiation therapy is a safe and effective treatment option. Dr. Mendez and Dr. Salloum are experts in keloid removal and will explain the details of the surgery during your consultation in Miami Beach, FL. The radiation emitted during postoperative radiation therapy is comparable to the radiation from a standard dental X-ray.

How long is the recovery after keloid removal with S.R.T?

Most patients can resume their regular activities immediately after the treatment or the following day. However, some restrictions may apply depending on the location and size of the keloid. The surgeon will provide you with details about your surgery during the consultation.

Is superficial radiation therapy painful?

No, S.R.T. is not painful. The area is numbed and the treatment is typically done very soon after the surgery, if not immediately. The radiation only takes seconds to kill the keloid cells and hinder regrowth.

Am I a candidate for combined keloid removal and S.R.T. in Miami Beach, FL?

If you have an unsightly or painful keloid scar, you may benefit from this safe procedure. Contact The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center for a free consultation.

Is a Combined Keloid Removal and S.R.T. office near me?

If you live near Miami Beach, our office is conveniently located at 4300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33140.

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