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    5 stars
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  • Dr. Mendez is an amazing surgeon

    Dr. Mendez is an amazing surgeon. He is kind, a good listener, and very conscientious of those of us who have had bad results and are dealing with the trauma associated with this outcome. I felt respected and seen. My only regret was not seeking him out sooner. I had to take some time to reflect on my experience before I was ready to deal with surgery again. Taking my time paid off since it allowed me to find Dr. Mendez. Aside from being a great surgeon, he has a great bedside manner and an amazing and very responsive staff, and I’m incredibly happy with the results. If I’m ever ready for more work, it will only be with Dr. Mendez, not only because I have a tendency to develop keloids, but also because he is a gifted surgeon. No reason to go elsewhere. Highly recommended!

    5 stars
    Montserrat Ginebra
  • I am happy that the keloid pain and itching is finally gone!

    If you are looking for a trustworthy, thorough and professional surgeon to remove your keloids, please reach out to their office today! I do not regret my choice and I would encourage you to give them a chance to change your life as they have mine!

    Like most of you, I have spent countless hours researching surgeons for keloid removal. I had three keloids on my neck that I wanted to be removed. I had them for a little over 3 years (I have attached pictures.) I genuinely believe I stumbled across a great surgeon! Initially, I reached out to KPSC through their website by filling out their information card. Within 24 hours, I received a response and sent their office pictures of my keloids. Ms. Mildred then called me to set up a complimentary virtual consultation with Dr. Mendez.

    During our consultation, Dr. Mendez took the time to introduce himself and explain to me the procedure. What I appreciated most was his patience and willingness to answer all of my questions. He also took the time to get to know me and listened to my biggest issues with having keloids. His genuineness is what set him apart from the other offices I reached out to. And, ultimately, is why I decided to move forward with them.

    Dr. Mendez and his team have been so kind, accommodating and very professional. Their office is Florida based, so I had to make travel arrangements; however, Ms. Mildred worked with me to find a date that allowed me to coordinate my travel. On the day of removal, Dr. Mendez had great bedside manner. He and my nurse went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable throughout the procedure! I decided to go with local anesthesia. While I was a bit apprehensive, as Dr. Mendez promised, I honestly did not feel a thing! The Radiation treatments (3 total) were painless and the tech made sure I was comfortable and answered my questions as well. All of the facilities were clean and modern. Dr. Mendez was timely and everything went without any issues.

    I am back home now (about 2 weeks post-op) and have been healing well! Dr. Mendez continues to check on me; and, I am excited with the current results. Overall, I am happy that the keloid pain and itching is finally gone!

    I have already highly recommended this center to others and highly recommend them to you as well! I would definitely utilize their services if I were to ever have keloids again in the future.

    Thank you Dr. Mendez! 🙂

    5 stars
    Ozy Alexander
  • I can say that I am 💯 happy with my result

    If you are suffering from keloids and you are looking for an excellent Dr. You found the right place. I had a keloid and I did a lot of research looking for SRT treatment. I found Dr. Mendez and I have to say that was a blessing, Mendez and his staff are an amazing group. Now I can say that I am 💯 happy with my result. He is kind, sweet and he pays attention to every word that you say. I am more than happy that I found you. Thanks so much Dr. Mendez for taking care of me.

    5 stars
    Iliana Borges

    Im from The Bahamas, so I flew in to have these incredible professional individuals assistant me with my keloid removal. They were very pleasant- Dr. Mendez, Yanny, Ms. Ellis& Mildred, just to name a few!

    Dr. Mendez was gentle yet very thorough with me during my process and kept checking as to if I was okay whether it was while my procedure was ongoing, he kept asking if I was okay, while I went to therapy and even when I returned home. I will recommend & have recommended his office to others that I know whom are struggling with the same thing.

    Thank you guys for making a scary situation, easy and very at peace for me.


    5 stars
    Ashanti E.
  • I have finally got my confidence back

    Persons do not realise how traumatizing keloids can be. After researching the positive results patients were experiencing from SRT (superficial radiation therapy) after undergoing keloid surgery removal, I began searching for surgeons who specialize in this treatment and initially my attempts were unsuccessful. Nonetheless, I persisted until I found Dr. Mendez at The Keloid Plastic Surgery Center and I am extremely satisfied with my results. I highly recommend this practice for anybody who is suffering with keloids especially those with melanated skin who have lost hope in finding a specialist. I have finally got my confidence back, as the keloids are gone and so is the unbearable discomfort that I had been feeling. Thank you sincerely Dr. Mendez, you give patients hope and the confidence needed to enhance their physical appearance and self esteem!

    5 stars
    Natalie R.
  • 5-Star doctor!

    5-Star doctor! I had a very large unsightly keloid that continued to grow even surgical removal and steroid injections. I finally discovered the Keloid Plastic Surgery center and Dr. Mendez. I was instantly sold just by his bedside manner and knowledge about Keloids. My treatment plan went perfect and follow up care perfect including my SRT treatments. I am very pleased with my results; they’re literally life altering. If you have keloids then You know how unpredictable and erratic they can be. You definitely want to make sure the person removing them knows what they are doing. Dr. Mendez is just that!

    5 stars
    Alvin and Teena B.
  • I cant say enough GREAT things about this place

    I cant say enough GREAT things about this place. Dr. Mendez and his staff are truly kind, passionate highly skilled professionals. My experience has been all around great and my results are amazing.

    5 stars
    Jamie Hernandez
  • Dr. Mendez is an exceptional doctor

    Dr. Mendez is an exceptional doctor. He has helped me gain confidence and I’m truly blessed to have him as one of my doctors. I will continue to call on him when I need.

    5 stars
    Melissa Howard
  • Thank you and god bless

    For years I dealt with a large unsightly keloid on the back of my head. When years of dermatology visits with treatment including injections and oral antibiotic medication did nothing to stop the growth and discomfort of this keloid, I decided to seek a different route and look into surgery. That’s when I met Dr. Mendez. He informed me of a procedure I never thought of or knew was avaiable to me. The procedure not only got rid of the keloid but now leaves me pain free and with a great feeling of confidence in my appearance. I can’t thank Dr. Mendez enough. His bedside manners and skill set has made me a new man. Thank you and god bless.

    5 stars
    C. Skinner